Thursday, 14 April 2011

Evaluation Activity 7

Overall I would say my preliminary task was surprisingly harder to do. As we were giving specific shot types we had to such as, match on action, and the 180 degree rule:

 Here is an example match on action

Here is an example of the 180 degree rule

And in my final movie I only did WS, as I didn't want close ups of my characters of props setting the theme of a horror movie, instead I used music and fonts to do this. However, saying that, the preliminary task had less pressure, for two reasons; We did it in groups of three so it wasn't particularly loads of pressure on me, and the second reason was, it was a preliminary task, so whatever mistakes I made I could learn from for my actual final opening title sequence.

Here are some examples of my Wide Shots.

Some things I had definatley improved on for my final product was editing, in my preliminary i used simple cuts, and later learnt when doing my final task how to do fades, music editing, typography etc, even though I didn't use some of the camera shots I was taught in my final product I did do more technical filming, such as steady panning, which I wasn't able to do yet when filming my preliminary task.

 Here is an example of my panning. Obviously I cannot show panning with still pictures but by taking four and putting them together in this storyboard effect, you can see the effect of the pan.

 Here is an example of a fade.

Here are two examples of my typography, as you can see, I learnt how to de a range of effects on the typography, such as gradients and shadows.
In comparison to the above shots, here I have placed a simple still shot from my preliminary, without ant typography, or effects, to show how I have improved since my preliminary.

I struggled with my final piece to find a time when I could get all the equipment I needed together at once, and also have all props, actors and everything else together at once. This clearly tells me that to create a successful piece of work careful planning in advance is the best thing to do.

As I have previously said, I have learnt a huge amount from this project, and have made huge progress from my preliminary task, however I would like to continue to improve as there are some things I think I could have done better, for example, better editing; cuts, fades, double screens etc.

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