Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Activity 1

The Title of the film- The title of myfilm is 'The Victims', I chose this title as it expresses what the movie is about; a young couple who move house, and start to experience super natural events, which eventually turns them mad. The title suits it as the couple are victims. As you can see above the format of the title is very bold, I did thia to make it more eye catching, I also gave it a gradient to make it more scary looking, which ties in with the genre of my movie; horror. The format of the writing is very typical of horror movies which is one reason why my movie follows the codes and conventions of horror movies. I have however broken the codes and conventions of a typical film, by placing my title at the end of the opening title sequence rather than at the beggining.

The Setting and location- I chose this very urban setting to break the codes and conventions of horror movies. In many of them people live in either suburbs or the country, for example, 'The Shining' and 'The Hills have Eyes'. By breaking the codes and conventions it has allowed my movie to be different and independant. There are two main locations used in my movie which are the two houses, one is the one the couple is leaving and the other is the one the couple is moving too. I chose the first house as it is a small house, and has an obvious difference to the second one which is a big semi-detached house, these diffrences suggest they are moving. I made sure it was a dark rainy day the day I filmed, which suggests darkness in the movie. However I did film in a friendly looking area, which is shown throgh a couple of the shots by shots of the park and family cars etc. This has the effect of surpriseo n the audience as they will be shocked that such bad things happen to them.

Costmes and Props- I din't use many props in my film which is a big difference from most other opening title sequences. However I did use a cardboard box to suggest there moving house. And also a hand bag for my female charater again, just to suggest their moving.
The costumes I chose were very simple, specifally so their outfits didn't give anything away about the characters tastes/fashion/interests etc. And so one the audience watched it they wouldn't immediatley focus on the characters but instead what they are doing; moving house. This makes my movie very unconventional, as many opening title sequences are used to portray a crtain image of main protaganists in their movies.

Camera work, Editing and Special Effects- The camera work and Editing I used was very conventional for a opening title sequence, just simple pnning and fades. As my film is a horror movie, I used the opening title sequence to biuld up a suspicious nervous atmosphere, so didn't feel neccisary to use any over dramatic editing or special effects.

Font Style- The font style I used was very simple, again I used my opening title sequence to biulld up an atmosphere rather than show off famous names or biuld up a character which is why I only used simple fonts, however I did add a shadow onto to the font, which gives it a more scarymovie feel. And makes it follow the codes and conventions of a scary movie.

Story and how the opening sets it up- The story for my movie is a couple move to a new house and everything goes down hill from there. I used my opening title sequence to start of that strory, so shot the couple moving house. This is very typical of a scary movie, an example is 'The Shining' and therefor makes my movie follow the codes and conventions of a typical movie. My shots include, the couple putting the last bits in the car, then driving down different roads, then arriving at their new house, and getting out and opening the door, this is all shown above, and is how my opening title sequence setsup the story of my movie.

Genre and how the opening suggests it- My two main ways of shoing how my movie is a horror movie in my opening title sequence is music and fonts. As said previously I used fonts with shadows and gradients, which gave them a scary feel. I also put scary classical piano music in the background, whixch really creates a nervous feeling in the audience. Using music to express your theme in a movie is very typical, this is therefor another reason why my movie follows the codes and conventions.

How characters are introduced- My characters are introduccedin the first shot, they don't make a dramatic appearance thyey just leave the house together. By making their introduction very calm it had the effect i wanted; the characers weren't the main focus of my opening title sequence.

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