Friday, 15 April 2011

Evaluation Activity 3

Unfortunately I didn't have the software for this evaluation activity, Although I did make the voice over I didn't have that editing software at home to put it in my movie and upload to youtube. However, Here is the script I wrote for it, 
Warp Films will be producing my movie. Because they are a distribution and production company who specialise in independent British films and horror movies. This is exactly what my movie is so I have chosen them to produce and dsstribute my movie. They are known for producing different films that not many other production companies would. They therfore have an audience who are more interested in chaallenging and shocking films. Which is the audience I am aiming to appeal to.Warp films was origionally a label so they obviously appeal to a more underground audience rather than a massive bockbuster movie audience. The word ‘Warp’ means to twist or to turn something out of shape. This could indicate at warp films naturte to produce fidderent or strange movies. Their logo looks very like RKO’s. RKO was a production and distribution company in the 30’s. That have produced many classical movies.
A production company is responsible for supervising the filming from concept to completion, and they hold the sole legal and financial responsibility of the movie as a whole.
The money for my film will come from the companys the invest in warp films such as UK film council, the circle company, small local organisations, or even if it is a big movie the the government.
In my titles I have put the two main actors, the director and producer, the executive producer,and who the film was accosiated with and the novel in which the movie is based upon and I have done it in this order because I wanted to follow the codes and conventions of a scary movie, so copied ‘The shinings’ title format. But the reason why the people are there in the first place is either to make the movie more appealing, by say introducing famous actors or directors at the beggining and also to represent the companys that have invested, to make sure there name is known. My film is similar institutionally to other small british independent films such a Shifty and Hush. Shifty is about two friends who leave very dofferent lifestyles, and when they meet again things are all going wrong, it was produced by BBC films. The reason my movie is like them, is because it is a small British film, not a massive blockbuster. This ties in wtih Warp film being my production and distribution company as they produce small independant British films.

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