Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Activity 2

Some similarities between these two characters are; their both the female protagonists in the scary movies they are playing in. They are both featuring in scary movies. Although they do play different roles, such as Nicole Kidman plays a mum in ‘The Others’ and Hester Carter plays a girlfriend in my movie ‘The Victims’. They are both strong characters, with strong appearances whihc help them fit the roles of their chracters, such as Hester’s fiery red hair, which suggests danger. And Nicole Kidmans, very innocent look plays a massive part of her character, being very vulnerable. They do wear different clothes in their movies as Nicole Kidman plays a mother she has much more grown up mature look and Hester Carter wears much more relaxed young adult clothes. Another similarty between them is they both are disturbed by supernatural being in their movies. Overall, they are very similar in their roles in their movies ‘The Others’ and ‘The Victims’ but they have very obvious diffences, in age and appearance.

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  1. Hey Bea

    Where are the rest of your evaluation activities?

    You need to update your blog before Friday - I will be in school tomorrow, so maybe you should come in to get this all done?

    Mr H.