Friday, 14 January 2011


Amy is standing by the door; she puts her bag on her shoulder grabs a cardboard box and puts it in the back of the transit van. Joe walks out the house with two more boxes and places them in the boot; he reaches up for the door and slams it shut. He looks at Amy and then and walks over to her and slings his arm over shoulders. Their eyes linger on their old flat they are leaving, after a smile from both of them and Joe pulls away aware of the traffic ahead, and they climb into the van.

After saying a final goodbye to the flat Joe pulls the van out of its original parking space for the last time and we watch them driving down their old road and the rest of the journey to their new house.

Their driving down Chevening Road and arrive outside the house, Joe pulls into the driveway and a huge smile spreads across Amy’s face, they both jump out, and with big smiles embrace in another hug. Joe pulls the house keys out his pocket and they walk up to the door, where he lets them in and then shuts the door behind him.

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