Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Shining- Opening Title Sequence


I analysed the Shining as I am also doing a movie based on supernatural events. Here is an analysis of the Sounds, Mise-en-scene, Font/Typography, Editing and Camera angles, this will help me work out what sort of things I want in my own movie as they are based on the same thing. It also includes an analysis of the order of typography so when it comes to adding the typography to my own movie I know which order to put it in.

Trombone, short deep sounds- gradually get louder and higher pitched, bell rings twice, trombone sounds get more echoed, hissing sounds in the background, hissing stops, then screeching/screaming sound, screeching/screaming sound stops, piano playing very low long chords.

Lake, mountains on either side, reflection of moutains on lake, screen fades into new screen, where lake is on left loads of trees, road in the middle, yellow car driving down road, camera following car, mountain in background still following car, screen fades, gold fields on either side of car, grey rocks, camera passes car, and pans across the scenery around it , camera follows car again into a tunnel and out, loads of scenery of different mountain, a house loads of cars outside.

Light Metalic bright blue, slim, capital letters, slightly bold.
Action: Rolls up the screen, placed in center.

Order of typography:
2. ‘JACK NICHOLOSON’ – Main actor
3. ‘SHELLEY DUVALL’ – Main actress
4. ‘THE SHINING’ – Title one size bigger
5. ‘Featuring DANNY LLOYD’ - Actor
6. ‘SCATMAN CROTHERS’ – Song Writer
7. ‘BARRY NELSON’ – Actor
8. ‘PHILIP STONE’ – Actor
9. ‘JOE TURKEL’ – Actor
10. ‘ANNE JACKSON’ – Actress
11. ‘TONY BURTON’ – Actor
12. ‘Executive Producer JAN HARLAN’ – Executive Producer
13. ‘Based upon the novel by STEPHEN KING’- Author of novel that film is based on
14. ‘Produced in association with THE PRODUCER CRICLE COMPANY’

Cuts and Fading

Camera Angles
High Angles, Zooming, panning

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